Improved practices in rearing indigenous chickens

This 8-page fold-out leaflet, practical for use in the field and easy to read, covers the subject of rearing indigenous chickens. It gives some background to the subject, outlines processes and provides tips, tables and explanatory line drawings.

Improved practices in rearing indigenous chickens


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  • Autor:Kolade Bashir Jimoh Publicado(a):07-01-2016

    The book changes my way of rearing local chickens and it improves my production.

  • Autor:Zasan Ezekiel Publicado(a):27-11-2014

    I have been practicing intensive local poultry production. Coming in contact with this book has changed things most especially in the area of vaccination. This is wonderful.

  • Autor:Mumbe Barasa Publicado(a):16-07-2014

    It led to my own improvement in managing the birds in addition to helping my farmers in improving their management of the birds.