ICT Update no. 85 - Applications for agriculture

In ICT Update and on websites such as ICT4Ag, CTA has covered the explosive growth and proliferation of digital and mobile phone technologies for agriculture. Now CTA takes the next step with developing the Apps4Ag database, a comprehensive, up-to-date and responsive database of ICTs including mobile, web, animation, audio, and video applications involved in the food value chains.

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    EDITORIAL: Creating ICT opportunities with the Apps4Ag database
    GUEST EDITOR: Investing in the ICT4Ag application space
    Facilitating change in agricultural value chains with app services
    Four building stones for a vibrant ICT environment
    NTERVIEW: “IT solutions are disruptive: they change the way things are working”
    SPECIAL FEATURE: Apps4Ag database
    Meet the Apps4Ag database
    What is in the Apps4Ag database?

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ICT Update no. 85 - Applications for agriculture


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