ICT4Ag (ICT Update) 82: Drones for agriculture

The use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones for management of crops, livestock, fisheries, forests and other natural resource-based activities represents a new technological frontier and opens up a range of exciting opportunities. The latest issue of ICT Update is dedicated to the use of this technology and associated systems in different parts of the world. This issue - available online and in print format in both English and French has been published in collaboration with Esri. It includes 12 articles, one interview and a section featuring selected online resources on the topic. Articles range from the use of UAVs to design an irrigation scheme in Nigeria, to feeding a locust monitoring scheme, from documenting illegal land occupancy in Panama to assisting smallholder farmers in monitoring their crops in Eastern Africa, and more.

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    Drones on the horizon: new frontier in agricultural innovation Faine Greenwood
    Sri Lanka’s drone pioneers Salman Siddiqui 6 A bird’s eye view on Africa’s rice irrigation systems Quan Le
    Preventing the spread of desert locust swarms Keith Cressman
    Drones detect crop stresses more effectively William Allen
    Insuring Indian farmers more effectively Ruchit G Garg
    INTERVIEW ‘UAV-based remote sensing will be like using a cell phone today’ Roberto A. Quiroz
    The challenge of comparing crop imagery over space and time Ola Hall and Maria Francisca Archila Bustos
    Documenting illegal land occupancy from the air Nina Kantcheva Tushev, Tom Bewick and Cameron Ellis
    Transforming smallholder farming through remote sensing Raul Zurita Milla and Rolf A. de By
    Counting coconuts with drones Ephraim Reynolds and Faumuina Felolini Tafuna’I
    Making sense of drone regulations Cédric Jeanneret
    BOOKMARK Five steps of making a map with small drones Walter Volkmann
    DISPATCHES Drones and dogs work together to save avocado crops DeEtta Mills and JoAnn C. Adkins

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ICT4Ag (ICT Update) 82: Drones for agriculture


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