Where there is no vet

The aim of this book is to help farmers keep their animals healthy, recognising the problems they can deal with themselves and those needing veterinary attention. It is also intended for teachers, NGO workers, extension officers and veterinary assistants. The animals covered include: cattle, buffaloes, goats, sheep, pigs, horses, donkeys, camels, rabbits and poultry.

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    Section 1 About this book and how to use it
    Section 2 Sharing your knowledge
    Section 3 Healthy animals
    Section 4 Emergencies and simple operations
    Section 5 How to prevent and control disease
    Section 6 Signs of disease
    Section 7 Diseases and problems and what to do about them
    Section 8 Medicines
    Section 9 Where to get more help

  • > French: Que faire sans vétérinaire?
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Where there is no vet


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  • Author:George Edet Published:06-07-2017

    As a seasoned teacher of animal husbandry in my university, this book has been a blessing to my soul and my students. I am over grateful to you all.

  • Author:Habeeb Akinwale Published:20-06-2017

    Well explained and makes animal care easy.

  • Author:George Niba Published:13-05-2015

    The book is very simple to use to explain to my students and to farmers issues of animal health and welfare. The book is a good learning aid to my students to handle simple cases in the field.The availability of the book should be made to many people in the field. The language is very simple even for those that English is a second language. It eased the handling of cases in the field with its background knowledge.

  • Author:Zasan Ezekiel Published:27-11-2014

    I got the book from a friend and colleague and read. This book is awesome. I can't wait to receive my own copy.

  • Author:Jepi Lentoijoni Published:24-07-2014

    I am greatly encouraged to read the book. Recently one of my dairy goat ate a datura stramonium plant - a poisonous plant found here in Kenya. I applied the tips from this book on how to carry out emergency treatment for animals that have eaten poison. I gave the goat milk through the mouth and also water was administered through the mouth. The animal was sick for two days and finally it got healed. I would have paid a Vet 2,000Ksh if I had requested services from the local veterinarian. This book is must read for whoever wants to be a livestock farmer. Great work!!

  • Author:John Adewuyi OJEDELE Published:20-07-2014

    The book Where there is no vet is a very useful book to me. The book has helped me in reducing the cost of production in my poultry business (e.g. paying for the service of vet doctors and buying of drugs). For instance common salt solution was used to cure eye infection that affected my poultry birds recently. Therefore, the book is a must for all livestock keepers to have.

  • Author:Joseph Emilari Odunsanmi Published:19-07-2014

    This book has really helped our group in the area of providing first aid treatment to our animals. it is a great book indeed.

  • Author:Christopher B. Kiula Published:17-07-2014

    Since I keep dairy cattle and local chicken as my part time activity and for income generating, now I am able to care/manage my livestock with minimum assistance from a Verterinary Officer. Services like livestock treatments i.e. drug doses, routine deworming, calf dehorning and poultry vaccination I do perform without any problem. I also use the knowledge from the book for training other people and help my neighbours on any problem concerning livestock keeping and management when there is a need to be resolved.

  • Author:Mumbe Barasa Published:16-07-2014

    The parts I read were very useful for my extension work and for personal use at home.It is a very useful publication for Animal Scientists.

  • Author:Adegboyega Adesida Published:06-02-2014

    It was the best gift I got in the recent time. The book is loaded. It is a step by step and practically oriented vet medicine made simple.