Animal health (Vol. 2: Specific diseases)

This booklet is a valuable guide for anyone involved with maintaining and establishing the health of animals in tropical and subtropical countries. All the important diseases, helminth infections, diseases transmitted by arthropods, and diseases and arthropods associated with environmental and husbandry factors, are described. Each disease, its symptoms, causes and limiting factors, is presented in a clear and easy-to-read style, and will provide invaluable information for all those interested in obtaining a basic knowledge of specific animal diseases. This volume should be read in conjunction with Volume 1 and the other volumes in the series dealing with individual animal species.

Animal health (Vol. 2: Specific diseases)


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  • Author:Joseph Tanimowo Published:15-01-2015

    The publication was written in a very simple language that enhances quick understanding and assimilation. I found the book quite useful in my veterinary clinical practice as well as in teaching students on SIWES.