Joint impact assessment to CTA's support to IPACC

CTA initiated this joint impact study with the aim of promoting learning for development impact with its long-term ACP partner organisations and networks. The study has been carried out in two phases between October 2012 and June 2015, with the first phase that was completed in 2014, involving nine partners: CaFAN and CARDI in the Caribbean region, and ANAFE, EAFF, FANRPAN, IPACC, KENAFF, RTN and RUFORUM in Africa. The second phase, which was launched in 2014, concerned five partners: NARI and SPC in the Pacific region, and AFRACA, PROPAC and WOUGNET in Africa. Close to 50 ACP and EU experts participated in the study.

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    Table of Contents
    Executive Summary
    PART A The Joint impact Assessment of CTA’s Support to IPACC
    1. Introduction and Background
    2. The Quick Scan
    3. In-depth report
    4. Conclusion
    PART B Explanation on the CcIPA model & process
    5. Overview of the CcIPA model
    6. Lessons learned from Impact Study and next steps
    PART C Key findings from all nine reports
    7. Introduction
    8. Brief descriptions of the organisations
    9. Selected findings on the capacity of the organisations
    10. Key findings from logical framework analysis
    11. Recommendations for future CTA support/engagement
    12. Annexes

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Joint impact assessment to CTA's support to IPACC


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