Crop residues for animal feed: Especially in stall-feeding

Straw is vital for animal feed and other purposes for many resource-poor farmers, yet growing demand for raw materials and fuel is putting pressure on its use. Aimed at extension workers, advisors and smallholders, this Agrodok reviews experiences from around the world and discusses in depth how straws can continue to play an important role in feeding livestock and sustainable farming. Practical, easy to use and with scientific terminology condensed into terms that farmers will understand, this guide summarises a wide variety of information on straw availability and storage, its nutritive value, and the economics and sustainability of the different ways of using straw.

Crop residues for animal feed: Especially in stall-feeding


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  • Author:Moyosore Adegbeye Published:19-05-2016

    This e-version is very good. It has helped me to change my orientation about straw and made me approach it differently rather than as a waste but see it a a material to be improved in order to feed my livestock. It would also help me to inform some small scale farmers that I know to always harvest their straw early when it is still "green".