Linking rural farmers to markets using ICTs

Citing numerous examples and illustrated with informative and inspiring case studies, this paper explores how ICTs, especially mobile phones, are linking farmers to markets in sub-Saharan Africa. Advantages include reducing information asymmetry, by-passing intermediaries, and building trust between farmers and traders. This in turn can lead to improved bargaining power and better incomes. Lastly, the study focuses on the roles of different stakeholders in ensuring that ICTs are incorporated into the agriculture value chain by smallholder farmers.

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    Executive summary
    Linking smallholder farmers to markets
    Agricultural market information services
    Provision of market information services
    M-Farm and Lima Links
    AMIS stakeholders and cost of information
    Business model
    Learning from experiences
    ICTs with agricultural value chain
    Conclusions and recommendations

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Linking rural farmers to markets using ICTs