Raising geese

With their meat, liver, feathers and down much sought after, raising geese can be a highly profitable venture. This practical, colourfully illustrated guide provides tips and guidance for breeding geese. With liberal use of tables and easy-to-follow processes, topics covered include anatomy, physiology and rearing techniques, with emphasis placed on feeding and common diseases. Later sections of the guide set out valuable ideas for the marketing of geese, as well as some recipes.

Raising geese


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  • Author:Kolade Bashir Jimoh Published:07-01-2016

    The book improved my knowledge on geese rearing and diseases that affected them.

  • Author:Umar AMINU FARUK Published:11-08-2015

    Practical plan on creating awareness to geese farmers on common diseases and relevant treatment. Previously, some diseases and ignorance on how to treat discourage geese farmers, but now they are ready to extension service, as outcome of skill of prevention and expected effects. Practical plan on how to improvise geese housing techniques as enshrined in the book. Provision of grouping smallholder geese breeders, invigorating them haphazardly with showing gees feathers end products, as contain in the book.