Cocoa: Production and processing

A highly nutritious crop, cocoa constitutes a significant source of income for small-scale producers. Attractively presented, with full-colour illustrations, tables and step-by-step guides, the text clearly sets out the procedure to start growing cocoa. In addition to recommending a technical schedule for the production of cocoa plants, the guide stresses the importance of phytosanitary protection and post-harvest operations. Useful advice and economic information on the sector is also given in later chapters.

Cocoa: Production and processing


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  • Author:Pascal Nondjock Published:18-05-2015

    This booklet helps us to have a complete and good information on the production and processing activities on cocoa production. It is our new book for guidelines on cocoa farms.

  • Author:Fekadu Pawelos Published:16-05-2015

    I need to grow up the cocoa production.