Draught animals

There are more than 400 million draught animals across the globe. They significantly improve working conditions on smallholdings, allow greater efficiency and productivity, and increase agricultural output. Aiming to assist and stimulate the adoption of appropriate practice and policies, this book covers types of working animals, their training, nutrition, welfare, housing and health.

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    1 Working animals in the world
    2 Types of working animals
    3 Training working animals
    4 Nutrition for working animals
    5 The welfare, housing and health of working animals
    6 Harnesses and yokes
    7 Agricultural implements and modes of transport
    8 Working animals and soil management
    9 Wider benefits associated with working animals
    10 Making the best use of working animals in the future

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Draught animals


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  • Author:Victor BASSEY INYANG Published:30-11-2014

    It has enhanced our activities.