Climate change mitigation and agriculture

With attention increasingly focused on agriculture’s role in contributing to climate change, this book reviews the feasibility, opportunities and challenges for achieving mitigation among smallholder farmers. Together the chapters capture an exciting period in the development of land-based climate change mitigation, concentrating on the design and practical implementation of mitigation activities. The book provides a timely synthesis of current knowledge and research on this emerging subject.

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    Part I - Introduction
    Part II - Institutional arrangements and incentives
    Part III - GHG measurements and accounting
    Part IV - Case studies: sectors

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Climate change mitigation and agriculture


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  • Author:Hilary Ewang Ngide Published:06-05-2015

    The very first time I read this book, it was so thrilling that I decided to use knowledge gained to organise three local workshops for ten farming groups. Today, most farmers within the South West and Littoral Regions of Cameroon have a great mastery of the best ways mitigating the negative effects of climate change on the different farming systems. It has remained a basic tool and source of information for our field staff and will for ever be vital in our work.