Learn how to grow and market bananas

An adaptation of an earlier book by pioneering Tanzanian agriculturalist Pius Ngeze, this easy-to-read handbook deals specifically with growing bananas in Kenya. It covers such information as the problems facing farmers, the types of bananas that grow well in Kenya, their various uses, and how they should be planted and maintained. Special emphasis is placed on banana diseases and their control.

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    Chapter one - Origin, history and the spread of bananas
    Chapter two - Problems associated with banana farming in Kenya
    Chapter three - Types and uses of banana plants and fruits
    Chapter four - The main parts, growth and requirements of banana plants
    Chapter five - Environmental requirements of banana plants
    Chapter six - Establishing a banana plantation
    Chapter seven - Maintaining a banana plantation
    Chapter eight - Banana diseases
    Chapter nine - Pest control
    Chapter ten - Maturity, harvesting and selling of bananas

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Learn how to grow and market bananas


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