Who can benefit?

Who may apply for a free subscription to CTA (co-)publications?

Organisations/departments/units located in an ACP country and active in agricultural and rural development. The contact person should be the librarian, the director or the head of department/unit. If the application is accepted, your organisation/department/unit will receive the following free-of-charge:

  • our magazine Spore in the selected language
  • an account to order publications on CTA's list.

Who may apply for a free Spore subscription?

Individuals in ACP countries active in agricultural and rural development (N.B. Organisations receiving CTA (co-)publications automatically receive Spore.)

If your application is accepted, you will receive Spore in the selected language.

The electronic version is accessible to everyone. To receive the electronic version, send a blank e-mail to:  join-spore-en@lists.cta.int