Pro-Agro English (CTA, ISF Cameroon)

Launched in 2011, PRO-AGRO is an innovative series covering a wide range of issues linked to rural and agricultural development. Dealing with topics such as conservation, livestock, food processing and water and sanitation in a practical and userfriendly manner, this series is ideal for farmers, rural communities and extension workers. The PROAGRO series reinforces local ACP knowledge and makes it accessible to a wider audience. F

  • Production and processing of rattan

    Production and processing of rattan

    Due to its rapid growth and ability to adapt to a wide variety of ecological ...

  • Rearing grasscutters

    Rearing grasscutters

    Grasscutters – large rodents commonly found in the wild in areas of grassland, clearings, wet ...

  • Improved plantain

    Improved plantain

    An adaptable and ecological food source, plantain production can benefit enormously from a number of ...