ICT Update 87 English - Weather data for agriculture

All agricultural stakeholders have an interest in accurate, localised and reliable meteorological data. Having access to such data means that organisations and entrepreneurs can translate raw weather data into accessible weather information, which is crucial for farmers to make well-informed farm management decisions and for effective risk mitigation.

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    Weather Data: a vital component to the agriculture value chain
    Using weather data to support smallholder agriculture in Africa
    Is open data best suited for agro-meteo advisory services to smallholders?
    Cost efficient integration of weather data into agronomic advice
    Building a business case for agro-weather SMS services for smallholder farmers
    The importance of data standards
    Overcoming challenges in the availability and use of climate data in Africa
    Partnerships to increase open weather data’s impact
    The challenges of setting-up Weather Index Based Insurances in the Pacific
    The bumpy road of a start-up using open weather data
    Weather data to weather forecasts for farmers
    The smart climate observation network that covers all Africa

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ICT Update 87 English - Weather data for agriculture