Lessons for sustainability – Failing to scale ICT4Ag-enabled services

ICTs have undoubted potential to boost agricultural production and value chains in ACP countries. But many efforts to introduce ICTs for this purpose have not been sustainable. What can we learn from their experiences? The stories in this booklet stress the importance of understanding the intended users, ensuring economic viability, fully promoting the service, and making sure the technology offered is the right solution to the problem.

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    Introduction: Learning from experience
    Sustainability lessons: ICTs for agriculture: Nine issues to address from day one
    Chapter 1 Assessing demand from users for services to be provided through ICTs
    Chapter 2 Considering technical difficulties with the development and use of ICT solutions
    Chapter 3 Building up appropriate content for delivery through simple technologies
    Chapter 4 Strengthening the capacity of small-scale farmers to use ICTs
    Chapter 5 Considering costs for sustainability
    Chapter 6 Working with traditional extension service providers
    Chapter 7 Ensuring viable business models from the start
    Chapter 8 Providing training, promotion and awareness of the tools
    Chapter 9 Resolving internal and external responsibilities in implementing the service
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Lessons for sustainability – Failing to scale ICT4Ag-enabled services