e-agri transport network – Ghana

The adoption of basic and user-friendly technological applications in agriculture is key to increasing production, reducing post-harvest losses and providing better sales and marketing. This brief overview of the e-Agri Transport Network looks at how the project set out to help transport produce from farms to villages and market centres; and to provide innovative marketing across Ghana. With text message transport requests and SMS advertising shared among registered members, farming associations and transport owners and drivers, the paper reports a number of positive impacts and opportunities for replication and sustainability.

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    Project objectives
    Policy and public investments
    Factors affecting economic activity and produce quality
    Limited market supply – In the mist of plenty
    Main difficulty in market access for agricultural produce
    The concept
    Problem statement
    Deployment of the initiative
    The e-Agri transport initiative goal
    Replication and sustainability
    Multi-stakeholder partnerships
    Farming/Agricultural-based associations and group benefits/advantages
    Financial viability
    Lessons learned
    Key agricultural facts

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e-agri transport network – Ghana