Open data and smallholder food and nutritional security

Clearly set out and argued, with many illustrative figures and maps, this research provides a better understanding of the impact of the open data movement on the food and nutrition security of smallholders. Although the study found little direct impact, there were clear indirect benefits of open data usage – particularly in contributing to better governance. The report goes on to highlight potential areas of development for open data sets relevant to enhancing the food security of smallholders. These include mobile service providers, corporate data sharing, scientific open data sets, and NGO project monitoring and evaluation data.

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    Open data and their impact on developing countries
    The potential impact of open data on the smallholder ecosystem
    Overview of the different sources of open data for food and nutrition security and their impact on the smallholder ecosystems
    Synthesis and outlook of the impact of the open development on smallholder food and nutrition security

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Open data and smallholder food and nutritional security