Innovation systems: Towards effective strategies in support of smallholder farmers

The result of an expert consultation, this publication examines ‘innovations systems’ – a concept suggested as underpinning industrial development – as a strategy for agricultural development. Innovation systems approaches conceptualise change as a long-term, socially-embedded process, and recognise the important role policy plays in shaping the parameters within which decisions are made. Providing a collection of papers and commentaries from the world’s top scholars and practitioners, this book looks at the strengths – but also the weaknesses and challenges – of the innovations systems approach and how it may be applied to benefit smallholder farmers.

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    Chapter 1. Innovation Systems and Agriculture
    Chapter 2. Innovation Systems Approaches to Agriculture and Rural Development
    Chapter 3. Innovation Systems Approaches in a Time of Transition - Lynn Mytelka
    Chapter 4. What is Systemic about Innovation Systems?
    Chapter 5. The Use of Innovation Systems in a Technology Development Programme
    Chapter 6. Building Innovation Capacity of Local Actors
    Chapter 7. Innovation Systems and Capability Building among Smallholder Farmers
    Chapter 8. Political Power in Innovation Systems
    Chapter 9. The Uses of Research
    Chapter 10. Research and Experimentation in Support of Artisanal Palm Oil Production in Ghana
    Chapter 11. Innovation Platform and Pricing Policies
    Chapter 12. The Theory of Change Underlying the Efficiency of Agricultural Innovation Platforms (IPs)
    Chapter 13. Innovation Platforms for Smallholders in Maize and Cassava Value Chains
    Chapter 14. Making Sense of Innovation Processes in African Smallholder Agriculture
    Chapter 15. The Journey to R4D
    Chapter 16. Innovation Systems, Douglas, Douglass and Beyond
    Chapter 17. Innovation Systems, Agricultural Development and Economic Empowerment

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Innovation systems: Towards effective strategies in support of smallholder farmers