Scientific writing for agricultural research scientists: A training resource manual

This new, fully revised edition aims to serve as a guide for agricultural research scientists and other practitioners in writing papers for publication. It also looks to provide a resource manual for training courses in scientific writing. There are three new chapters on reporting statistical results, communicating science to non-scientific audiences and electronic publishing. In addition, the original chapters have all been rewritten to reflect current developments and to make the content more complete and easily comprehensible.

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    Chapter 1: Avenues for the communication of science
    Chapter 2: Choosing a journal in which to publish
    Chapter 3: The IMRAD format for presenting research papers
    Chapter 4: Writing a research paper
    Chapter 5: Scientific style and English in research papers
    Chapter 6: Dealing with numbers, units, nomenclature and abbreviations
    Chapter 7: Citations and references
    Chapter 8: Using tables to present research results
    Chapter 9: Using illustrations to present research results
    Chapter 10: Reporting statistical results in a research paper
    Chapter 11: Oral presentation of research results
    Chapter 12: Preparing scientific posters
    Chapter 13: Writing research proposals and reports
    Chapter 14: Communicating science to non-scientific audiences – the popular media, governments, policy- and decision-makers
    Chapter 15: Publishing an article in an online journal
    Chapter 16: Publishing ethics and Intellectual Property Rights

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Scientific writing for agricultural research scientists: A training resource manual