Rural structures in the tropics

There is a growing awareness of the need for better rural structures and services in many developing countries. Here the FAO presents an up-to-date, comprehensive text focusing on structures for small - to medium-scale farms and, to some extent, village-scale agricultural infrastructure. The book will help to improve teaching on the subject of rural buildings in the tropics and will assist professionals engaged in providing technical advice. Importantly, it also provides guidance in the context of disaster recovery and rehabilitation, for rebuilding the sound rural structures and related services that are key to development and economic sustainability.

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    Chapter 1 Introduction
    Chapter 2 Planning farm and rural structures
    Chapter 3 Graphical techniques
    Chapter 4 Geospatial techniques
    Chapter 5 Construction materials
    Chapter 6 Basic mechanics
    Chapter 7 Structural design
    Chapter 8 Elements of construction
    Chapter 9 Building production
    Chapter 10 Livestock housing
    Chapter 11 Rural buildings
    Chapter 12 Fundamentals of heating and cooling
    Chapter 13 Ventilation
    Chapter 14 Greenhouses
    Chapter 15 Handling semi-perishable and perishable crops
    Chapter 16 Grain crop drying, handling and storage
    Chapter 17 Rural roads
    Chapter 18 External facilities
    Chapter 19 Water supply and sanitation
    Chapter 20 Rural energy

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Rural structures in the tropics