The role of livestock in developing communities: Enhancing multifunctionality

The livestock sector is characterised by enormous opportunies – but also serious challenges. With this in mind, the book provides timely and invaluable knowledge on the critical importance of livestock in poverty alleviation and human health promotion.
The livestock sector contributes 30% to agricultural GDP and is one of the fastest growing agricultural subsectors. In many areas it is the only means of producing food from inedible vegetation. Yet at the same time, it is crucial to reduce the negative impacts of livestock products on human health, and the detrimental environmental impacts of animal agriculture.
Here you can find out about these issues through the use of case-studies, theoretical frameworks, and discussion of policy issues, challenges and contraints. Aimed mainly at academics, government officials and industry experts, the title will also be of interest to others working with smallholder livestock production systems around the world.

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    1. Multifunctionality of livestock in developing communities
    2. Livestock development projects that make a difference
    3. Promoting gender equality and empowering women through livestock
    4. The way forward for livestock and the environment
    5. The role of foods of animal origin in human nutrition and health
    6. Interactions between gender, environment, livelihoods, food, nutrition and health
    7. Livestock against risk and vulnerability
    8. Sustainable livestock intensification
    9. Value chains and innovation
    10. Implications and innovative strategies for enhancing the future

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The role of livestock in developing communities: Enhancing multifunctionality